8:00 AM / RLM 3 room 301 (NEW LOCATION)

Easter Sunday falls on April 1st this year! Yep, no foolin’! April Fools’ Day is a day that has become almost synonymous with practical jokes and spreading hoaxes, with harmless pranks and fake news stories. It makes me think of the variety of reactions to the empty tomb that first Easter morning recorded in all 4 Gospels. Not so sure about that? Then, come and see!

We’ve reached the final chapters recounting the days leading up to Christ’s crucifixion; the last supper, the garden of Gethsemane, the arrest and trial, the denial — his death, burial and resurrection. The pace of the storytelling slows dramatically – in its own way putting the reader on alert that something important is taking place.

The empty tomb is no joke, not a hoax or a prank. It’s not a fake news story as some still try to argue. The empty tomb is GOOD NEWS! Class meets at 8:00 a.m. in RLM 3 Room 301. There’s no better time to jump in and join us than right now! No foolin’!


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