Bringing Home Christmas

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Our desire is for you to gather this Christmas season and have that deep connection with new and old friends. Invite your guests, keep it simple, and we will provide the conversation cards for you.

Bringing Home Christmas is as simple as

6-10 WOMEN

What is Bringing Home Christmas (BHC)?

The compelling idea behind BHC is to join Jesus in His mission to seek and save the Lost. The early church in Acts spent time together in such a way that they gained favor with people who did not yet follow Jesus. We want to create the types of environments where we can invite friends and family who do not yet know Jesus to join us and experience real, warm relationship.

When is BHC?

We encourage you to host your gathering any time from November 26th - January 1st.

How do I host a BHC gathering?

Our desire is for you to gather together in your home, at a restaurant—wherever it may be. Create an environment to experience and discuss. We have the tools and resources available to help you "Bring Home Christmas." For more information, talk to a Women's Discipleship Leader.

Who do I invite to my Christmas gathering?

This month, we encourage you to intentionally invite both your Life Group ladies and some ladies who do not yet know Jesus. Take time to pray about who God is calling you to reach out to in your neighborhood and community.

Help! I need ideas!

Check out these Pinterest boards for some fund ideas for your gathering: Table Decor, Recipes, Crafts, Games, Budget Hacks

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