Deb Jaime

Children’s Nursery Leader

My Family: Awesome Husband – Robert; Daughter – Shanna & Son-in-law Jose’; daughter Belinda & Son-in-law Chriss; daughter’s Bonita and Reanon; and 2 son’s Danny and Dustin. We also have 8 grandkids!

My Story: As far back as I can remember God has been pursuing a relationship with me. As a preschooler, I thoroughly enjoyed attending “Good News Club” where I heard stories about Jesus and was taught how much He loved me. As I grew older I participated in youth group activities and this is where I remember accepting Jesus into my heart as Savior; but my relationship with God was always a distant, “God in the sky” kind of relationship. Early in my teenage years, I began to believe the lie that I didn’t measure up to the worlds standards of beautiful and I felt insignificant in this big world. This is when I began to “shop around” for acceptance and my pursuit of happiness began. My relationship with God decreased as my relationship with the world increased.

I graduated from Wallace High School and soon thereafter, attended a business school where I received my Legal Secretary Diploma. I worked for a few months before starting a family and eventually relocated to Portland, Oregon, where I continued pursue happiness through my children, career and a variety of chemical addictions.

In 2006, I found myself at the bottom of a deep dark pit that I had dug with my own hands. I was in a state of complete brokenness, darkness and utter desperation with no where to look but up. God orchestrated a series of events and I ended up here in Post Falls, where God worked through my 14 year old son to get to me. God surrounded him with Christian families and soon he was invited to attend CDY (middle school ministry) at Real Life. God used this to peak my curiosity as to what this church believed, so on March 18, 2007, I walked through the doors of Real Life Ministries for the first time, by myself…but never alone. I responded that day by accepting God’s free gift of salvation thru His Son Jesus Christ. I committed to following Jesus and asked Him to be Lord of my life. This is when I exchanged my pursuit of happiness for my pursuit of Holiness!

Soon thereafter, I publicly confessed Jesus was Lord and Savior of my life through baptism. I began to attend home group and volunteer at church wanting God to be the top priority. A few hours of service each week brought new friendships and helped me focus on doing God’s work.

Today, I am a new creation in Jesus Christ!! Instead of trying to measure up to the worlds standards, I am content with whose I am and what I have and anxious to be about God’s work! I continue to give of my time, talents and treasures which allows me to give back to God in gratitude for all that Christ has done for me and I find myself blessed beyond my wildest dreams! What amazing grace is available through God’s Son!

Favorite Verse: Trust in God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path. Proverbs 3:5-6

Food: Chocolate and…yes, definitely chocolate!

Quote: Keep kicking the darkness until it bleeds light. ~ Aaron Couch

Hobby: Reading and time with family.

Exercise: Yes, I exercise my right to take naps!

Smell: The smell of rain coming!