Lydia Grubb

Pastoral Care (Memorial Ministry, Widows Ministry, Shut-in Visitation)

My Family: Husband -Jim Grubb. Sons- Jonathan Grubb and his wife Erika, Aaron Williams and his wife Sena have a son Zion, and Frank Morton and his wife Jill.

My Story: I grew up on a wheat farm in Central Idaho. As the second daughter, I was a tomboy who loved being outside in the garden and with the animals. God brought me to Himself at age 10. I was active in our little church untill I left for college. I attended a vet tech school in Wyoming and Bible college in Montana.I married Jim Grubb in 1985. We were blessed with Jonathan in 1989 and Aaron and Frank in 2009. God gave me a heart for missions and has blessed me by opening the door to serve short-term in Italy, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Peru, Greece, Ethiopia, Iraq and 20 years in North Idaho. Before working at Real Life I served in youth ministries, young adult ministry, as a CE director, as a church secretary and always on the missions team. I’ve worked at vet clinics, a clothing store, as a grain truck driver, a car hop, at an optometrist office, and several churches.

Favorite Verse: There are sooooo many. My favorite depends on the situation. Romans 8 has many, but verse 31 has kept me going on tough days, “If God is for me, who can be against me.”

Food: Greek/Mediterranean, big soft sugar cookies, fruit especially berries, garden ripe tomatoes.

Quote: "Don’t doubt in the darkness what God has shown you in the light.”

Hobby: Quilting, gardening, crafts, decorating, encouraging others.

Exercise: Walking in nature with Jesus!

Smell: Roses, lilacs, vanilla, lavender, mango, warm cookies, chai tea.