Sherri Miles

Team Lead for the Church Training & Development Team and Adult Ministries

My Family: Husband, Craig Miles, RLM CDA Campus Pastor. Children; Stephanie, Kayla, Zach and Jake. Grand babies; Graycee and Ryeder.

My Story: Before working at Real Life I was a stay at home mom and Pastor’s wife. I am currently in the process of writing a parenting book called “Why Some Animals Eat Their Young and God Won’t Let Us!”

Favorite Verse: “Be Strong & Courageous!” ROOAAARR!!!!!!!!! (Joshua 1:9)

Food: Chips and salsa.

Quote: “Forced joy is better than genuine depression.” Also, “It’s all fun and games until someone get hurt… then it’s hilarious!”

Hobby: Anything outside! Boating, camping, hiking, fishing… I am a “Lake Chic”! Also, spending time with my family and sleepovers with my grand babies. Oh! And laughing… especially when people get hurt.

Exercise: Exercise… Oh… I thought you said “Extra Fries!” Exercise… Oh… I thought you said “Accessorize!” Exercise… ex…er…cise, ex…ar…size, eggs…are…sides for bacon, BACON! Yes, I workout at the Kroc.

Smell: The outdoors in the Northwest, especially after it has rained.