Youth & Young Adults Ministry Training

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Welcome to Youth & Young Adult Ministry Training!
 Registration is currently closed for the 2018-19 ministry year

How will you launch into the next stage of your life? Are you interested in following your calling to fulfill your life purpose and maximize your God-given gifts for God’s kingdom? Would you like to pursue a call to ministry? Too often, as individuals consider options for higher education, they may feel they need to make a choice between pursuing college and pursuing ministry. Real Life Ministries is proud to offer a ministry that will allow you to do both.


The School of Ministry is a two-year program that offers training in specialized areas of ministry, along with courses in the Bible, leadership, and essential skills to equip you for life. Through this unique ministry, we will provide valuable ministry experience that will develop and refine your unique God-given gifts so that you will be equipped to go out to wherever God may call you, and accomplish whatever God has called you to do. Specialized ministry participation will be offered for Kids, Middle School, High School, Young Adults, Worship, Video, and Graphics. While learning and serving in one of those ministries at Real Life Ministries, and through participation in life skill, leadership and basic Bible classes, you will be equipped and empowered to become a Christian leader wherever God leads you, with a solid foundation to serve God.

Info for current students: