Bill Putman

Team One Leader

Leader of Team One – Post Falls Campus

My Family: I have been married to Bobbi for 50 years and we have five children, fourteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren!

My Story: At the age of 9, I wanted the Jesus of my grandparents but over time I discovered that borrowed faith didn’t work for me. I trusted Jesus as my personal Lord and savior at age 20. My wife Bobbi and I have pastored old churches, started numerous churches, led three State Wide Church Planting Organizations, served troubled churches all over the nation and RLM. I have written two books, DADDY I’M PREGNANT and LIFE SURE IS CONFUSING. We shared our family story on FOCUS ON THE FAMILY numerous times.  Now I serve here at RLM as a team leader reaching out to our absent members.

Favorite Verse: Where Jesus promised, “I will not leave you desolate; I come unto you.” John 14:18.

Quote: “You can’t go back, but because of Jesus Christ you can go forward.”