Join the High School Team

The High School years are some of the most important and foundational years in the lives of students. Especially today with our culture being as aggressive as it is, our students need our help to establish their “True North”. We believe that when students are introduced to a God that is so big, so loving and so grace-filled, their lives are changed for eternity! 

This is why it is our goal to “Reach the World for Jesus, One High School Student at a time”. 

We work hard to keep things as simple as possible. Jesus' message and method wasn’t confusing so why should ours be? We have two main environments that we use to reach students:

1. Large Group – The purpose of this environment is to create “On Ramps” for students to get plugged into the body of Christ. It is our hope that this is a place where students WANT to be. We work hard to make this environment fun, relevant and engaging without sacrificing things like Biblical Teaching, Worship and Fellowship.

2. Small Groups – At RLM we believe discipleship happens best in relational environments. Often times that environment for students is a High School Small Group. These groups are grade, community and gender specific.

We also do a ton of outreach events as well as service projects and more throughout the year!


God chose to use people to reach other people for His Name and His Glory. It’s because of this that we want to be a Ministry that depends on our volunteers as we pursue the vision God has given us. High School ministry is not for the faint of heart! It can be one of the most difficult yet rewarding ministries to pour yourself into!