Building the Cd'A Campus

Join the move to midtown 

We are here because of the faith and generosity of those that have gone before us, and now it's our chance to follow God into this town, into this community, to reach the world for Jesus one person at a time.


Building the New Coeur d’Alene Campus of Real Life Ministries

Dear Real Life Family,

Since 1998, Real Life Ministries has been used by God to reach untold numbers for Christ in Kootenai County. Over the past nine years God has used the sacrifices and generosity of the people of Real Life and those who call the Coeur d’Alene Campus their church home to reach deeper into the community of Coeur d’Alene. We have built incredible relationships and
partnerships in our community and have been so blessed to help, serve, resource, counsel, pray, laugh, cry and celebrate with our community! We exist to reach the world for Jesus Christ one person at a time in the greater Coeur d’Alene area!

Saying that we are extremely grateful for our current church facility at 610 N. 4th street would be an understatement. God has rescued and changed so many lives through the use of our 4th street facility and so much of that is a direct result of the sacrifices made by so many of you. While the ability to have our own building is indeed a tremendous blessing, it has come with many challenges and limitations over the years. As God continues to grow our congregation, the population in our area along with the needs in our community, our current facility limits the ministry we are able to do and the people we believe God has called us to reach.

Therefore, with much prayer and counsel we are taking steps in faith towards making the move to midtown into a new church facility! Through the generosity of our Real Life Ministries family and by decision of our elders, a first step has been taken as we have purchased the building and lot at 1701 N. 4th Street. This facility shares the block with the Breakfast Nook and is located between 3rd and 4th Street on Spruce Ave. This incredible location places us right in the heart of midtown Coeur d’Alene on one of the most frequented streets in our city and will provide us the ability to now serve and worship in the center of Coeur d’Alene reaching from downtown to uptown and everything in between! Our belief is that this new location can become an incredible asset and tremendous tool to help us focus on and accomplish what matters most: the building of relationships, the commission of discipleship and the desire to serve and minister
to our community.

In order to make the move to midtown into this facility and use it as the worship and community gathering place we believe God has led us to create, we will need to completely remodel the entire building. We are currently in the process of finalizing a church concept of construction plans.

Our goal for the move to midtown into a new building is two-fold; first to better facilitate reaching the Coeur d’Alene area for Jesus Christ and second to provide a place in which our community can gather and be served. To that end we are inviting you to join in on the move to midtown and partner with us in prayer, participation and giving so that we can see this building project through to completion.

We are therefore asking you to:

- Commit to do your part with Real Life to reach the Coeur d’Alene community for Jesus through the giving of your time, talent and resources. If the CDA Campus is your home campus, please designate your giving to the CDA Campus, whether it is set up to be given automatically or you choose to give individually each time. This will help us know the commitment level of the people at the CDA Campus in supporting the ministry of reaching our community.

- In faith begin tithing consistently in support of the ministry effort to reach the community.

- Prayerfully consider budgeting to give above your tithe to help fund the move to midtown building project.

- Prayerfully consider a one-time offering of generosity towards the move to midtown building project.

- Pray for God to continue to move in a mighty way in and through the people of the Coeur d’Alene Campus to continue to reach our region for Jesus!

As we enter this next season of ministry in Coeur d’Alene, we are reminded that we exist for God’s kingdom and His purposes. I look forward to witnessing God move in your life as you join Him and us together as we make the move to midtown and continue reaching the world for Jesus Christ one person at a time!

Blake Whiteman and the Coeur d'Alene Campus Staff