Stewardship: Biblical Principles to Personal Finance

Sundays / January 12th - March 15th / PF Campus, Bldg 2 Room 202

It has been said there are over 2,000 verses in the Bible concerning money. That's because God knows the human heart and wants us to manage His resources according to His plan. This class is about learning what the Bible, the word of God, says about money. It's about living within your means, honoring God with your finances, learning the tools and methods to manage your finances, and blessing others with the resources God has blessed you with.

This class is not about how to twist God's arm to get the things you want. It's not about how to "get rich quick," nor is it about "high finance" with complex ideas or formulas. It's also not about how to get out of paying your bills.

This 10-week class will help you identify the reasons money management may be difficult for you and will help you understand what causes money problems. We will learn basic expense and income budgeting techniques while also learning God's plan for our finances. This will lead to basic goal setting including: how to save for emergencies, vacations, and retirement; how to make a plan to pay off debt; learning God's plan for us and how He wants to use us to fund ministry; and being the hands and feet of Jesus. We will cover the 12 Critical Things You Need to Address as an Adult. (Yes, we will be adulting!)

Homework will be minimal, but is expected to be completed in order to properly grasp the concepts of the class. It won't be turned in, nor graded. Each week, you will be given a selection of money related Scriptures from which you choose just one to do a brief written reflection on—Scripture, observation, and application.

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Weekly:s Sundays at 9:45 AM

Post Falls Campus, BLDG2, Room 202