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Real life ministries is a place where people and conversations get real.
we create a culture of authenticity and grace.
we are messy, ordinary people serving an EXTRAORDINARY god, 
we do what it takes to show the community the real jesus - one person at a time.

  look below to find articles, tools, and teaching about being and making disciples of Jesus:

real people - real conversation - real for life

6 Simple Habits That Will Lead You Towards Spiritual Growth In The New Year

Every January 1st people tend to take time to look back at the year they have just finished, and look ahead to the one that is coming. It is a time to set personal goals for the future - things they want to achieve or change in the upcoming 12 months. Initially, the local gym and the grocery store health food aisle's are filled with those hoping to change their unhealthy habits

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How To Study The Bible

I am asked quite often about about what tools I use for discipleship. As many of you know, my Dad was my main disciple maker that brought me from atheism to belief in God - well my Dad has put together a 7 page simple beginners guide on How To Study the Bible.

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The Power Of Conflict

Most people that I talk to are either afraid of it or do their best to avoid conflict as much as possible. Maybe you can relate? Do you find yourself constantly trying to avoid situations where you might have to voice a different opinion than others?

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5 Questions to Start Your Day With a Discipleship Mindset

If you feel like you are not qualified to be a disciple or a disciple-maker, welcome to the majority - good disciple-makers don't start out ready - we become ready as we start out. In my post Six Habits Of An Effective Disciplemaker I talk about the importance of establishing habits in your life that will move you forward as a disciple.

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