intentional summer season

ThE cHURCH Gets SMALLER WHEN YOU're connected.

We know the North Idaho summer months are short and every week counts. So we're giving you extra time and ways to catch a service outside the normal Sunday morning hours as well as other ways to stay involved and connected.

Get the most out of your weekend and still help us reach the world for Jesus one person at a time!  
Check out some intentional summer ideas:



- Bookend your weekend and join us for dinner and a worship service on Thursday or Sunday nights! (Dinner starts @ 5:00pm; Worship starts @ 5:45pm)

- Join us for a service online. Say hi online while you sit around the campfire. You can watch us on our website, Facebook, YouTube, or the Real Life App.

- Listen on demand, check out the weekend service on the podcast and talk about it on your family hike or utilize one of our worship playlists for those long car rides.



- Remember what it was like when you were new to town? New to school? Trying to make friends? As people are moving to North Idaho, many are looking for places to connect. We've created more services and room to grow, so let's help people make Real Life their home.

- As people are searching online, it helps for them to see your experience with God and at church. Help us reach more people by giving us a Google rating, Facebook review, or share us from YouTube.



- Your giving keeps the mission going. As we have kids flooding our Youth Groups and summer camps, new groups launching into the community, and more people coming to know Jesus every week, your generosity makes a difference.

- You can continue to help the mission of reaching the world for Jesus one person at a time through the summer by signing up for online giving, recurring giving, or by utilizing the secure drop box we have in the parking lot.