Right Now Media - For Free!

Did you know that Real Life Ministries gives you free access to Right Now Media? What is Right Now Media you say? Glad you asked :)
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Right Now Media is a an online video streaming library that is like Netflix for Churches. It is available as an app through your phone, tablet, smart tv, and online streaming services. It has hundreds of video Bible Studies, Movies, Children's Shows, Curriculum, Trainings - seriously the list goes on and on!


We even have our own Real Life Ministries library, where our leaders have gathered some selections for you under the categories of Life Groups, Study, Parenting, Financial Resources, Authentic Manhood, and more. There are several studies that you could do as a family, or with some friends, or even on your own! It is a great resource to utilize for your own personal growth or with someone you are discipling.

If you aren't already a member of Right Now Media, sign up for free today through Real Life! Click the link below and start watching!